24 December 2008

Dammit Janet! - Ocean tagged

Apologies to anyone who might have tagged me previously. Hadn't been paying attention to this work meme, frankly. But dammit, Janet caught me.

So here's the list (what I can remember of it). Am NOT gonna check it twice.

  • babysitter
  • waitress - For two whole days (was gawdawful at it)
  • magazine subscription seller
  • stenographer
  • receptionist
  • go-go dancer - Remember the Mynah Bird, in Toronto's Old Yorkville, circa the summer of 1966? 'Twas me up in the window.
  • ballroom dance teacher
  • bits 'n pieces of office jobs at numerous employers
  • office manager
  • letter carrier (three separate blocks of time)
  • pizza delivery driver (three separate blocks of time)
  • dance teacher (several different blocks of time, in various locations) - There was one entire year that I delivered pizza Friday and Saturday evenings and all day Sundays, was a letter carrier during the week and taught dancing the other evenings and Saturdays. The overwork and excessive physical demands caused major stress and health problems.
  • owner/operator of three dance studios
  • recreation program director (four different periods of time and locations)
  • choreographer
  • grad student activist against abuse by profs
  • founder/coordinator of now-defunct Canada Connection, Indiana U, Bloomington
  • university teaching assistant
  • university instructor/course designer
  • web developer
  • creator of online site/courses, online instructor for HTML, CSS
  • founder/coordinator of now-defunct WISE, a poverty group
  • grant/funding proposal writer
  • researcher
  • writer
  • poverty, electoral reform activist
  • speech writer and presenter/speaker
  • workshop facilitator
  • all 'round ruckus raiser
There's much more, but this'll do.

Now passing this on to: Friend Daphne (thought you were gonna escape this, woman? Ha, ha, ha, ha!), JimBobby Sez, The Regina Mom, Jan from the Bruce and Wandering Coyote.

Apologies if you've already been tagged; if so, you will of course ignore. You may ignore this directive anyway. That was my temptation. :-)

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