19 December 2008

Headline angers and I've lots of company

It reads: Auto bailout greeted with optimism in Canada.

The mayors of Oshawa and Windsor ... welcomed Friday's announcement of U.S. support for the troubled Detroit Big Three.

Oshawa Mayor John Gray said the bailout should help to lift some of the uncertainty the Big Three are facing by getting them to a March 31 deadline to ensure their viability.

"We can, at least, get these companies through the hurdle," Gray said.

"Hopefully by then, some of the credit will start to ease up so that buyers buy vehicles," he said.

Idiot. You'd have to have been living alone on a desert island, with no communications tools, to buy that idea. If I were in the market for a new vehicle, I'd certainly not shop for one produced by the Wee Three.

As to the bailout being "greeted with optimism in Canada," how much more misleading could that be? The "optimism" is by those who've a vested interest in seeing the bailout happen: the auto industry and local politicians whose cities are affected.

Said optimism, as evidenced by polls and comments on major news sites - including that of the CBC -, is not shared by the large majority of taxpayers.

Daphne and I have a lot of company in terms of being dead against ANY bailout. This recent poll reveals that low-income earners and women, particularly, are against government going into deficit to bail out industry.

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