25 December 2008

Daphne's Paid Work


List my paid-for work? Who started this?

Here goes:

- Blueberry picker and packer
- Bean picker, no packing
- Childminder
- Cranberry cleaner and packer (the women who worked there were jealous of my long painted finger nails and gave me a hard time...sheesh!)
- Gem cutter. (Yup, I cut and polished tiny ovals of jade, tiger eye and other semi-precious stones.)
- Retail Sales Clerk at a Duty Free Shop in a Canadian international airport
- Manager of the same Duty Free Shop supervising ten people; I was 18 years old
- Cheque writer for an insurance company in the claims department
- Short order cook for a small mining outfit
- Scrap truck driver/fork lift operator
- Classified Ads taker and Assistant to Display Ad Editor for a community newspaper
- Accounts payable/receivable Clerk in a company that manufactured steel suspension springs for large transport trucks.
- PayMaster at a trucking outfit
- Labourer for an auto seat cover manufacturer
- Night school secretary
- Pizza maker/store manager
- Manager/programmer for a Senior Citizens Center
- Director for summer programs catering to other-able-ed children and adults
- Counsellor and extra curricular activities Programmer for other-able-ed children
- Executive Director for an association for other able-ed children and adults which offered a pre-school, operated a garage station, a sheltered workshop, a retail outlet and a transportation system
- Grocery store cashier
- Residential counsellor: live-in "co-worker" at an experimental village...... long story.....
- Special education swim instructor and lifeguard
- Chief, Vocational, Continuing and ABE Instructor for a community college (no, not all at once.)
- Night school secretary for same
- Equipment organizer and operator for same
- Educational Planner for same
- Special Needs Co-ordinator/Counsellor for same
- Coffee shop co-ordinator for same
- Owner/operator of silk-screen printing business
- Sales associate for another screenprinter
- Labourer in a hot house that grew long English cucumbers
- Gardener's assistant
- In-house commercial Baker for convenience store
- Enumerator for the last door-to-door collection of information to register citizens for federal elections
- Child care worker for "hard to place" teenage girls
- Case worker/life skills trainer for a brain injured individual
- Basic construction carpenter
- Carpenter's assistant
- Bus depot clerk
- Self-employed Counsellor for other-able-ed children and adults
- Life skills worker in a home for semi-independent women
- Social activist
- Facilitator for a family caregivers support group
- Respite person for in-home caregivers

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