30 November 2008

Budget Jan 27 - Proroque 'til then?

It's reported that Flaherty will table a budget on January 27th.

"We'll present a complete, comprehensive budget," [Flaherty] said. But his message was muddy when it came to what kind of approach the government will take to spending to stimulate the economy...

Michael Ignatieff said he heard nothing in Mr. Flaherty's announcement that would dispel coalition talks by the opposition.

"...I didn't hear anything in Mr. Flaherty's statement that backs us off this ledge," he told the CTV program.

My suspicion is that Harper will proroque Parliament until then.

The issue, to me, is not WHEN the HarperCons will table their budget, but WHAT it will contain. With so many lies coming out of these Bush-cons' mouths, nothing they say now has any credibility. Ergo, neither will any hints as to what will be contained in their budget.

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