29 November 2008

Progressive Coalition Best Anti-Depressant

Truly, this coalition talk, if followed by the real deal, beats any anti-depressant pill, hands down. At least it does for me and likely for other previously disillusioned, disenfranchised, progressive political activists.

Have been in a blue funk ever since the October 14th election. After that fiasco of an election, I'd decided to join the ranks of the non-voting electorate, this after forty years of faithfully going to the polls and doing my darndest to help my party of choice.

Now, it looks as though things may be turning around, that my vote - and those of the other 62.4% of voters, the ones who DIDN'T form the 37.6% who voted for Canada's neocons - finally may count, that we might get a government which properly represents the choices of the electorate. That we may, in fact, get a Canada we can be proud of again.

US President-elect Barack Obama talked about hope. A Liberal-NDP progressive coalition government, supported by the Bloc, has the potential to engender hope, Canadian-style.

That alone could give a boost to the economy, as we, the voting majority, receive a sorely-needed dose of optimism.

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