20 November 2008

NDP to Hold Balance of Power on Committees

This should be interesting. For the first time, the NDP will hold the balance of power on all House of Commons committees.

NDP whip Yvon Godin said negotiations among the four parties have cost the Liberal party one seat on every committee, including three key panels they chair as the official Opposition...

The opposition parties agreed that the governing Conservatives would gain one more seat on the regular 12-member committees chaired by a government MP.

That gives the Tories five members other than the chair, with three Liberals, two Bloc and one NDP.

Godin says this means his party will be able to wrest concessions from any of the other parties in return for support because the chair votes only in case of a tie.

The panels chaired by Liberals - the ethics, government operations and public accounts committees - will be reduced to 11 members to prevent the Conservatives from indirectly obtaining a majority.

Will be interesting to observe where the NDP sides on what issues and for which concessions.

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