04 November 2008

Dziekanski Taser Inquiry: No more delays

So says the inquiry's commissioner, Thomas Braidwood. The inquiry will FINALLY resume on January 19th.

One may suspect Braidwood came to take this position in light of the far-too-many people who responded to the latest delay with "Again?!?!"

The inquiry has already been postponed twice because the B.C. Crown hasn't decided if charges will be laid against the four Mounties involved in the incident.

On Tuesday, commissioner Thomas Braidwood said he now plans to subpoena the RCMP officers involved in the incident even if a decision on charges has not been made by Jan. 19.

Commission counsel Art Vertlieb told CBC News the commission just can't wait any longer.

"People are pretty concerned about this, and we have just decided, and rightly so from the commissioner's perspective, well, let's use subpoenas, and we'll start putting this in motion to start January 19," said Vertlieb.

Uh huh.

Well, a look at this CBC interactive tool sheds light on why people are not simply "pretty concerned" but a whole lot concerned.

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