27 November 2008

Funding Cut to Parties Hurts Low-Income Voters

It's HarperCon classism disguised as a measure to eliminate a "free ride for political parties."

But it attacks the ability of low-income voters to contribute funding to their party of choice. Thus, it further disenfranchises this group.

Not everyone can afford to donate to a political party. Those of us who cannot have taken small comfort in knowing that each of our votes added $1.75 - adjusted annually for inflation - to the fortunes of the parties we voted for.

For some voters, low-income and not, that $1.75 was the ONLY reason we continued to vote, since the first-past-the-post system has things so rigged that only two parties have a hope in hell of getting elected to form the government.

Class act, Harper! In more ways than one.

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