15 November 2008

Cannon: Renegotiating NAFTA would have Consequences

So warned Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon today.

My response: Well, duh! Isn't that the point? Otherwise it would be a useless exercise.

And reopening the thing can't happen soon enough for me!

As for Cannon threatening the US with Canada finding new markets for its oil, we should be doing that anyway.

Mr. Cannon said he agreed with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's assessment this week when he suggested to business leaders that he was not reassured on the future of NAFTA after a meeting with advisors to U. S. president-elect Barack Obama...

Mr. Cannon said he expected the Harper Conservatives and the Obama Democrats to find common ground on the issue, as Canada pursues its own environmental agenda with Washington in the coming months.

WHAT "environmental agenda"? The do-nothing one?

[Cannon] also said he does not expect "ideological" differences to complicate relations.

"This agreement has been a darn good agreement for Canada and the United States," he said.

Yea, it's been great - for the wealthy. Unfortunately, the über rich depend on the rest of us; and we're not doing so well.

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