05 November 2008

War against War on Drugs wins a Round

Voters in Michigan said Yes to physician supervised possession and use of cannabis.

In Massachusetts, they took it a step further, saying Yes to marijuana-possession becoming a fine-only offence.

More than 60 percent of Michigan voters decided in favor of Proposal 1, which establishes a state-regulated system regarding the use and cultivation of medical marijuana by qualified patients.

Voters endorsed the measure despite a high profile, deceptive, and despicable ad campaign by Prop. 1 opponents -- who falsely claimed that the initiative would allow for the open sale of marijuana "in every neighborhood, just blocks from schools."

...Michigan's new law goes into effect on December 4th, at which time nearly one-quarter of the US population will live in a state that authorizes the legal use of medical cannabis.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, some 65 percent of voters (and virtually every town) decided "yes" on Question 2, which reduces minor marijuana possession to a fine-only offense. Like in Michigan, voters rejected a high-profile, deceptive ad campaign by the measure's opponents, who argued that it would increase adolescent drug abuse, permit large-scale marijuana trafficking, endanger workplace safety, and sharply increase traffic fatalities.

Question 2 is expected to become law in 30 days - making Massachusetts the thirteenth state to decriminalize the personal possession and use of cannabis.

As USians move closer to decriminalizing marijuana, Canada's Conservative government moves us backwards. Well done Harper!

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