10 November 2008

POLYGRAPH Tests used for Hiring?!

Couldn't believe my eyes when I read this story. It never occurred to me that such a practice could be happening in Canada.

The Halifax Regional Municipality is conducting a review of the way it uses lie detectors to screen applicants for certain jobs.

Mayor Peter Kelly said he called for the review after the Halifax Chronicle Herald quoted a job applicant saying she was humiliated by questions during a recent polygraph test, including one asking whether she had sex with animals.

The woman, who has asked not to be identified, was applying for a position with the municipality's information technology division.

That ANY Canadian employer, no matter who it is, should use polygraph testing as part of its hiring process absolute astounds me. Or that any union would permit it.

Surely this is an infringement on our basic individual rights and freedoms! I consider this kind of testing as bad as being required to provide one's DNA.

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