28 November 2008

CTV, Your Bias is Showing - Again

You're the Canadian affiliate of Fox "Fair and Balanced" News, right?

Must be, cuz otherwise you'd have searched further afield than the home of Harper's Conservatives, good 'ole Alberta, for this "top story":

Experts doubtful a Liberal-NDP coalition would work

As talk of a potential coalition government swirls through the halls of parliament, some experts in Canadian political history say the reality is it will likely never come to fruition.

There's "not a chance" that the Liberals and NDP will be able to convince Governor General Michaëlle Jean they'll be able to form a working coalition, says Barry Cooper, a political science professor at the University of Calgary...

"The Governor General has to be convinced that this coalition is real," he said, noting the party's MPs won't necessarily listen to Broadbent or Chretien.

"If she thinks it's doable she is in deep doo doo."

Cooper says that even if the governor general granted the opposition parties' request to form some type of coalition government, they just wouldn't be able to function effectively.

"The consequences would be catastrophic," he said. "They will be defeated right away," he said.

The governor general would likely shoot down the idea well before that point, says Steve Patten, a political science professor at the University of Alberta.

Two experts. Both from Alberta, which but for a single lonely spot of orange, is a sea of neocon blue.

CTV and Canwest, your bias is showing. Again. Must be desperate times, since you don't even try to hide it anymore.

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