29 November 2008

On Coalition Govt: Letter to Stéphane Dion

Mr. Dion, I urge you, as Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, to take a stand for a fair and proportional voting system in Canada.

In 2004, the former Liberal government received a recommendation from the Law Commission of Canada to introduce a mixed-member proportional system for federal elections.

I am a political activist who has voted in every federal election but one over the past forty years. After the October 14th election and having heard you muse about favouring the Alternative Vote - another majoritarian system like FPTP - I joined the ranks of the non-voting electorate.

I plead with you to make a commitment to allow Canadians to study MMP and other proportional voting systems and to choose the best fair voting system for federal elections.

Chrystal Ocean,
Duncan BC.

Send your own letter to Stéphane Dion. The more letters like this which political leaders receive, the greater chance PR will become an issue on their agenda too.

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