07 November 2008

Holy is the Lowly Cow

One COW, bred, born, fed, slaughtered and brought to your table will feed eight of us.

The CORN to feed one COW will feed eight times the number of people. Eight times! You do the math.

Experts say that "although grain prices have declined since summer, this year's corn, wheat and soybean crops are forecast to fetch prices at the farm gate that are double their 2005 levels. CORN and soybeans are the major ingredients in feed rations."

This expert says we humans don't need to eat the COW, chicken, pig or lamb to stay healthy.

This expert says homo sapiens would be wise to divert the massive amounts of money spent on raising livestock for food to grow vegetation for our OWN consumption.

This expert, along with many others, says we can be Vegan eaters of organically grown greens, thereby reducing our carbon footprint while reviving the earth.

Not ready to embrace a vegan lifestyle? The least you can do is to stop ingesting the COW and its milky extrusions. Stop thinking that you'll die if you don't eat animal flesh, cause you won't!

Start thinking that the life of the lowly COW is holy.

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