23 November 2008

Of Vegetarians, Vegans and Other Food-Ivores

Jack Knox writes an amusing piece in today's Victoria Times Colonist.

Apparently, BC is the premier spot for vegetarians and vegans. So, he asks, what's an Alberta boy to do?

News item No. 1: UVic is the top comprehensive university in Canada, according to a Maclean's magazine survey.

News item No. 2: UVic is the second most vegetarian-friendly university in Canada, according to peta2, the world's largest youth animal rights organization.

Well, I darn near dropped my pork chop on the newspaper, right there at the breakfast table: "I'm sorry, but isn't this an oxymoron? How can a university be both top-rated and vegetarian-friendly?"

"Careful," she replied, nibbling on her radish, or whatever passes for a morning meal in her world. "You're getting grease on your defibrillator paddles."

Go read the whole thing. It will get you chuckling - always good for one's health! - and perhaps you'll learn something at the same time.

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