19 November 2008

An Ear for an Ear?

Actually, it would need to be two ears, for the two that were sliced off a little puppy.

Rony Salman, of Windsor, currently resides in prison, but not for having cut off the ears of a mixed-breed puppy. No, he's serving time for burglary. The article suggests that perhaps now Salman "knows what it feels like," given that "a piece of his own ear was bitten off in a fight at Windsor Jail" in November.

Methinks it likely that the piece bitten off was recovered and will be or has been sewn back on, unlike the case with the puppy. Even if this doesn't happen, that someone who could cut off the ears of a puppy would suddenly commiserate with the animal's pain is highly dubious. That would require empathy, which I doubt Salman has.

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