08 May 2009

BC-STV Wins at All Candidates Meeting

At the ACM which I discuss in this post, a question about BC-STV came up. Of the five candidates present, four either said they didn't know (Refed), didn't support it (Conservative) or, as in the case of Bill Routley (NDP) and Cathy Baskin (Liberal), wouldn't say due to wanting to "leave it up to the citizens."

Audience reaction happily surprised this passionate supporter of the reform.

To the Refed and Conservative candidates, the audience was politely silent, though a tad restive. To the responses by the NDP and Liberal candidates, there were groans, mutterings and louder rustling. To the response by Simon Lindley, the Green candidate, there was an outburst of loud and sustained applause.

Lindley was the only candidate who said he and his party fully support BC-STV.

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