14 May 2009


That headline must have you scratching your head, but on Vancouver Island, Shaw Communications provides the best darn high-speed Internet service around. Anytime I've had a problem, which has been - oh, maybe, TWICE in the past eight years - they've worked their butts off trying to fix it.

NOW the company is offering its customers the chance of opting out of Fox News!
Some Canadian viewers still steamed over the Canadian military being trashed on a Fox News show two months ago will be able to exact a little revenge. Shaw is allowing customers to get rid of Fox News and opt for another cable channel.

The Fox show "Red Eye" caused a national uproar when its participants took turns trashing Canada and its reliability as an ally in a segment that aired just before four Canadian soldiers died in Afghanistan.

Fox is beamed into the homes of about 700,000 Shaw customers.

"We've made changes to how we offer Fox News. There have been recent inappropriate and disrespectful comments on the channel regarding the Canadian Military's efforts in Afghanistan, comments that were found to be offensive to our customers," says a notice on the Shaw website.

"In response to the concerns expressed by our customers, we are moving the channel to an opt-in service starting May 19."


Shaw is contractually obligated to offer Fox News to customers on its news package so cancelling the channel was not an option said Bissonnette.

Phone calls to Fox News asking for comment were not returned.

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