13 May 2009

Carole James: In Her Own Words

Here is Carole James, (not) responding to direct questions I'd asked in the second of two emails, this one sent in December 2008:
Dear Chrystal Ocean,

As I wrote before,* I think this crucial debate is too important to get mired in partisan politics, so I will not be commenting on STV prior to the referendum.

However, I am firmly committed to implementing STV if the referendum passes. And, if it does not pass, I remain committed to offering British Columbians the opportunity to vote on MMP.


Carole James, Leader
Official Opposition

Congratulations! Your failure to support BC-STV has effectively helped kill any electoral reform in this province for at least a generation. The next time your party** forms the government, it will not credibly be in a position to implement a new voting system, not after this massive defeat of BC-STV at the hands, no less, of two talking-head, back-roomers of your party's close acquaintance.

As for topics being "too important to get mired in partisan politics," the environment doesn't qualify? I ask because such considerations didn't appear to concern you regarding the carbon tax. Your opposition to it was unconscionable.

* You can trace our conversation here.
** NDP apparatchiks like to complain that I never target the BC Liberals on this issue. The Liberals don't pretend to be a progressive party, now do they? It's the hypocrisy of today's NDP which so stuns the mind.

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