24 May 2009

Well, that was a Bust - P5

Did I mention airport security? And how much it has, over the course of several trips, made me rethink flying altogether?

No? Well, consider it mentioned.

Since 9/11, Canada has become paranoid about 'security' and 'terrorism'. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

Daphne and I were appalled by the way security at Calgary International Airport handled outgoing travellers. A seasoned globetrotter told me it was fairly innocuous compared to other places he had been. Rather than assure me, his revelation only added to my disgust.

From now on, if I must get to B from A, then it will have to be by bus, ferry or train. If those methods are out, then so is that destination.

That May 22, 2009 was my last flying adventure makes me sad. But while I thrill to flying and love the hustle and bustle of airports, no way will I present myself to airport goons anymore or be a player in Transport Canada's paranoid games.

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