12 May 2009

Getting Out the Vote

Went to the library (in the same building where voting is taking place), trundling my little shopping cart behind me, suitably decked out in my BC-STV t-shirt and buttons, with my cart containing flyers and more buttons. As I approached I did put on my coat. (Didn't want to be thrown out!)

Passed by one young man on my way. Spotting my t-shirt, he shouted "I voted!"

Once at the library, left the last of my flyers (8) there. Yea, sneaky. But taking an important step toward improving our democracy is worth it. Besides, people going to the library expect to find information.

After leaving the library, walked over to the back of the food bank. People tend to congregate there, soaking up the sun and enjoying having a full belly for awhile. Met a young couple, neither of them having voted before. Got them excited about changing the system. As I was leaving, they were walking over to the voting place.

Then almost home, as I was walking along a back laneway, I began chatting over the bushes with a man who was doing some beautiful landscaping in his back yard. Near the end of our conversation, he slapped his forehead and exclaimed: "I almost forgot! Your t-shirt! I've got to vote! - And I'm going to vote for that."

All in all, an hour well spent.

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