07 May 2009

That's My Kind of Candidate

... one who speaks up for women.

At an all candidates meeting at which both invited Liberals were absent, Refed candidate Linden Shaw puffed out his opinion that "the pendulum of society in a lot of ways has swung the other way and with men’s and women’s issues certainly has swung too far one way.... The feminist lobby has undue sway with our government and a lot of men are being discriminated against in our province and our country."

According to this report,
Shaw’s remarks sparked a response from Green Party candidate [Dirk] Becker during his opening address.

"We've got a long way to go in terms of women's rights and working with men like myself so I can become a better nurturer and a better father and a better community person," said Becker. "We need a system that is much more fair and balanced where men and women are working together harmoniously."

Thank you, Mr. Becker!

No one denies that some men are having it bad these days. But Shaw and his ilk want to blame that on "the feminist lobby"? Feminists are the cause of the current financial mess, which began: i) in the US, ii) due to the sub-prime mortgage idiocy, ii) which was dreamed up by the boys working above the glass ceiling?

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