09 May 2009

I am LIKING this new leader of the BC Greens!

Gutsy, bold, telling it as she sees it.
Green Party of BC leader, Jane Sterk has responded to the recent statement by NDP leader, Carole James that Greens should vote NDP to stop the Liberals at all costs.

"It is an act of desperation to blame the Green Party for the failure of the NDP to attract voters." said Green Party leader, Jane Sterk today from her campaign office in Victoria.

"We think NDP supporters should vote Green this time to stop the Liberals and to take real action on the central issues of our time: climate change and the economy."

"How can the NDP lay any claim to being truly Green? Their campaign has been nothing but a greenwash: first the Axe the Tax campaign, then the pathetic Green Bond, the flip flop on the Port Mann gateway project, and support for Site C on the Peace with no plan for renewable energy alternatives.

"Green votes belong to Green voters, not to the NDP. The NDP has to start taking responsibility for being an ineffectual opposition and having been a chaotic former government," said Sterk.

Yesterday, an anonymous commenter spewed the same spiel that voting Green was essentially a vote for the Liberals. Do people not know how insulting that is to those who have chosen to support a Green candidate? Do they not realize how desperate they sound? And how arrogant?

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