18 May 2009

"This book had better be banned in the PMO"

This book should be read by all high school students. The Liberal and Conservative backroom boys won't like it though.
Renowned electoral scholar Lawrence Leduc makes it clear that if history and the experience of other democracies is any guide, it's likely, and even desirable, that "[a] coalition government would certainly be more stable than a minority that lurches from one parliamentary crisis to another … [it] would also represent a wider spectrum of opinion than any single-party minority government, and even some majorities."

He concludes with a clarion call certain to cause collective heart failure in Ottawa’s Langevin Block: "Best of all, [a coalition government] would be more faithful to the principles of representative democracy." This book had better be banned in the PMO.

You can rest the rest of this book review in the (gasp!) National Post. (To be fair, they do sometimes publish good articles.)

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