27 May 2009

Security, Terrorists and Paranoia

It all makes a person just want to stay home; or at least restrict her travel to trains, ferries and buses - until, of course, security goons start manning those entry points too.

Seriously. Daphne and I decided after our latest flying adventure that we'd had enough. The 'terrorist' fear-mongering has all got so out of control and silly.

Macleans' John Geddes makes a good point when he asks:

Didn't I read that the four suspects arrested last week in that plot to bomb synagogues in New York were all American-born? And, casting my mind back a bit, weren’t the 2005 London bombers native Brits, not immigrants?

So what to do. Maybe what would “make sense” would be to impose onerous, costly border-security restrictions between all nations, until they can sufficiently show that they’ve not only halted the flow of terrorists into their jurisdictions, but also restricted the breeding of terrorists within them.

A better solution would be for everybody just to stay home. We'd reduce our collective carbon emissions by billions of tonnes and be more invested in developing green, sustainable local economies.

We might even get to know our neighbours!

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