12 May 2009

From Dedicated BCCA Alumnus to Campaign Letter Writers

... of which, by last count, there were 568!!
Thank you so much for the tremendous effort that you have all put in letter writing over the last weeks, months, dare I say years for many of you!

In the last seven weeks of daily media tracking positive letters accounted for 70% of all STV letters. In these times of distrust in the political process hearing the opinions of friends and neighbours in local papers makes a huge impact.

I know that for every letter that got published there were dozens more that didn't - those letters also made a difference. They told editors that there was a huge public interest in BC-STV and it warranted more coverage. They told editors to think twice about running a negative editorial that would be out of step with their community. They told editors they should keep their eyes peeled for what the BC-STV campaign was doing, because it was a rapidly growing grassroots movement.

Thank you for all your letter writing, media monitoring and call ins to talk shows. I know for many of you, your contribution extended far beyond this as you donated, mainstreeted, canvassed, put on public forums, put up lawn signs and helped in dozens more creative and inspiring ways. We are all be very proud of the positive, energetic and unifying campaign that we ran. Thank you very much for all your work to bring British Columbians together.

Now go vote! (And of course if you can put in a last effort handing out brochures - you can download and print yourself if you have none left - just remember that the only restriction on Election Day is that you cannot campaign within 100 metres of a polling station entrance.)


(Emphases mine.)

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