26 October 2008

Annie Git Yer Gun

Headline in Canadian Press: "Quebec Ad Campaign Aims to Attract Hunters."

Yes, the Quebec Federation of Hunting and Fishing is promoting killing wildlife in their province. To do so will put meat on your table, boost the economy, pay the guides a living wage and keep those pesky animals from overpopulating, among other wonderful and positive things, so says Federation spokesperson Annie Guertin.

But before you buy a gun with a scope, ammunition, camouflaged clothing and fishing gear before dishing out big bucks to hire a guide to help you search for your dinner, watch the clip below.

"It's a bit of an image campaign . . . . to modify perceptions about hunting," sezs Annie.

Imagine how thrilling it will be to go out and shoot your very own deer, bear, moose, elk, duck, goose or whatever is "in season", to slash it's throat, let the blood flow then to plunge your knife deep into it's still warm belly to slit it open and gouge out pulsing internal organs. This is the image to have in mind when a-hunting you will go.

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