18 October 2008

This Day 79 Years Ago Women "declared" Persons

Seventy nine years ago today, October 18th, Canadian women became PERSONS (activates audio file). Our voices were heard through the efforts of a small group of politically motivated women from the prairie provinces.

Much has changed since that day, but too much has stayed the same.

Recently, the Federal Conservatives deleted the word "equality" from the Status of Women's statement of purpose; discontinued the national child-care proposal that all Provinces were engaged in structuring and cut funding to many social services that benefited women, the elderly and families.

Suddenly, according to Mr. Harper and his neo-cons, the women in Canada ARE equal to men.

How can this be when we earn 25% less for doing the same job as a man; when we are under-represented in the practises of law and the sciences; when we must fight to gain credence in the political sphere; when we are not safe walking alone at night; when rape and abuse of our person is punished less than a corporate embezzler?

Nelly McLung, in her speech on CBC radio 79 years ago said, "...and the end is not yet". Truer words have never been spoken.

Woman's endeavour to walk beside their male counterparts continues.

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