31 October 2008

Vancouver to Permit Laneway Housing

So reports the CBC. But lest we low-income and homeless people start jumping up and down, shouting out "It's about time!" and exhaling our oh-so-long pent up breath, there is this:

The average cost of a conversion is expected to be around $150,000, but owners will only be able to rent and not sell the laneway homes.

Before any of the alley homes go ahead, there will be public hearings on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood basis, and only homes already zoned single-family will qualify for the pilot project. That means the first laneway house won't be built for about a year.

No, a conversion needn't cost anywhere near $150,000 as evidenced by this solution and that one and oh, so many others.

However, NIMBYism will continue to be alive, well and thriving. Hence, look for the projected one-year delay to extend long beyond that.

As for pets? As usual, they're likely not to be allowed by the property owners - which means the disproportionate number of people who live alone, are on low income and have pets will be out of luck once again.

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