26 October 2008

Germany Turns Down Full-Body Screening at Airports

You just gotta love the attitude.

On the matter of full-body security screening at airports, this is how Gabriele Hermani, a spokeswoman for the interior ministry put it: "I can tell you in all clarity that we will not take part in this nonsense."

Supporters of scanners say they make it easier to detect concealed objects such as liquids or plastic weapons not picked up by traditional metal detectors.

But the proposal has come under fire from German politicians of all stripes and civil rights groups.

"It is unacceptable, if scanners are used; these are machines that see you completely naked," said Martin Schulz, leader of the Socialist faction in the EU assembly on Thursday.

"This is an offence against human dignity."

Yea, well, paranoia is alive and well on this side of the pond. Ergo, apparently, human dignity be damned.

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