25 October 2008

Calling all southwesterners! - as in 'social libertarians'

Do we need a Social Libertarian Party of Canada?

OK, ok, stop throwing stuff at me! And stop mutterin' on about "no more parties on the left!"

I ask the question cuz a whole lotta people are sayin' that they inhabit the southwestern wilderness on the 'ole political compass.

As do friend Daphne and I.

And, according to said compass, all of Canada's political parties either occupy the northeast or are moving their homes mighty close to that region.

So what is a good Social Libertarian to do?

Pack up and follow the rest to the cold, harsh, rigid climes of a certain northern region? Or stay in the sun-filled (when not in monsoon season), warm, exquisite environment of the southwest?

If we choose the latter, then we've no option but to form our own new Canadian federal party. Right? Or move outta this country altogether.

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