14 October 2008

ID Rules: Two-thirds of Dalhousie students turned away

This news is disgusting and all too predictable:

At Dalhousie University in Halifax, nearly two-thirds of the students showing up to cast ballots on campus were turned away because they didn't have the necessary signed form from their university residence stating their address or were off-campus students, said Mark Coffin, vice-president of education on the Dalhousie student council. The form is the only way for some students to prove they live in the area, as many of them have IDs with an address from another region...

"You know, 1.4 million young Canadians didn't vote in the last election," Coffin said. "Well, these new rules aren't making it any easier for students to vote."

...[Elections Canada official Dana Doiron] said Elections Canada got a sense of how widespread the lack of awareness was at the advance polls when people failed to show up with the proper ID.

Guess which party is most served by this failure of our electoral system to be accessible to all Canadians? A change which was pushed by that same party?

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