09 October 2008

Response to Bob Hepburn's "Green Party should fade away"

Bob Hepburn, writing in the TorStar today, says that the Green Party should simply fade away "for the good of the environment." The following is my response.

How dare Bob Hepburn so outrageously dismiss Green Party supporters, who are as much citizens of this country as he is? Because that's what it amounts to when he suggests the Green Party should just "fade away."

Supporters of the Greens have as much right to build, and vote for a party which reflects their views as any other citizen of this country. It's not their fault that our embarrassing, archaic undemocratic first-past-the-post voting system functions as it should only when two parties exist.

No truly democratic country should force its citizens to choose between just two options. We need to change the system to reflect the various interests of our citizens, not force parties to die off.

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