01 October 2008

Must-Read Article by Pundits Guide

Thinking about voting "strategically"? Then you should read this post by Alice Funke, stats- and facts-collector extraordinaire and the creator of Pundits Guide.

The Pundits' Guide is a non-partisan site and does not endorse any political party, and tries by the selection and application of quantifiable criteria to treat all major parties the same. I've even tried to redress the situation faced by smaller parties by starting to add in their party affiliations on riding and candidate profile pages.

However there is one issue I'm going to weigh in on during this election, and that's the advocacy of so-called "strategic voting". It's based on faulty assumptions, is frequently clumsily calculated and executed, often by people with hidden but vested interests, and most seriously: it can lead to quite perverse outcomes.

Go. Read. Funke backs up her claims with facts. And if anyone should know the pertinent facts, then it's her.

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