29 September 2008

Democratic Space Publishes Strategic Voting Guide

Greg Morrow of DemocraticSPACE has produced non-partisan, riding by riding strategic voting guides, grouped by voters' first-choice party preferences.

DemocraticSPACE does not endorse strategic voting (i.e. where voters cast their ballot for their second choice party to prevent a less favourable party from winning). We believe that Canada should explore options of adding an element of proportionality into our electoral system to ensure fair and accurate representation in parliament. However, strategic voting happens in Canada. DemocraticSPACE believes that it is better to make informed choices than misinformed choices. Therefore, this guide is meant to help voters who are thinking of voting strategically.

DemocraticSPACE has identified a total of 80 ridings for which strategic voting might be applicable:
  • 13 which would be appropriate for Conservative supporters,
  • 16 for Liberal supporters,
  • 30 for NDP supporters, and
  • 37 for Green supporters.

These are listed in full on the DemocraticSPACE website. The guides have been produced upon the following two primary assumptions:
  1. Conservative supporters don't want a Liberal to win, and
  2. Liberal, NDP, and Green supporters don't want a Conservative to win.

If you're thinking of voting strategically, then this is the place you should go to see if your riding qualifies for a strategic vote. If it doesn't, then remain with your first choice.

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