15 September 2008

Harper Shuns Public Events

As party press releases go, this one from the Liberals tells a compelling story.

Despite appearances as portrayed by our media, Stephen Harper has not loosened his micro-management style. In fact, it now aligns with tactics studied and adopted by the Republican Party in the good 'ole U S of A. That's no coincidence given that Canada's own brand of neocons have studied at the feet of the same master.

Among the items of note in the first-week report card (blatantly lifted from the Liberal media release):
  • Number of Harper campaign events that have been open to members of the public: 0
  • Number of times Jason Kenney has been seen in public since the puffin incident: 0
  • Total savings a Canadian family could receive from Harper’s two-cent-per-litre diesel tax cut if it fully “trickles down” to consumers and is not absorbed by suppliers or transporters: $15 annually or about 25 cents per week.
  • Number of Conservative campaign events that used unwitting new and expectant mothers as human props: 1
  • Number of apologies Harper has had to issue for gaffes by his staff: 2
  • Number of times the RCMP has been used to physically shield Harper from questions: 1
  • Number of party leaders Mr. Harper has tried to exclude from the leader’s debate: 1

And I would add:

Number of times Harper has prevented or quietly released, usually late on a Friday, reports uncomplimentary to his government's activities: Countless.

But here is a start:
Not to mention Harper's attempts to fool Canadians into thinking he knows how to manage the economy. Apparently, that $19.2 BILLION in pre-election spending (PDF) was designed to stimulate the economy. It wasn't to buy votes! Or was it?

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