20 September 2008

Home for Abused and Abandoned Voters

[The following is yesterday's press release from Fair Vote Canada. Permission to reproduce in full.]

September 20, 2008 – immediate release

"Please sir … I want some democracy."

Fair Vote Canada launches OrphanVoters.ca
- an online home for abused and abandoned voters

As our nation braces itself for widespread political devastation from the rapidly approaching electoral storm, Fair Vote Canada today announced the official opening of Canada’s first online shelter for the millions of expected victims.

OrphanVoters.ca will provide an online home for the neglected and abused citizens who will be battered without mercy at the polling stations and, once again, find the doors of Parliament slammed in their faces because their votes elected no one.

“The victims of our uncaring electoral system include Liberals in the West, Conservatives in urban centres, and New Democrats and Greens everywhere.” said Fair Vote Canada President Barbara Odenwald. “In fact, the majority of Canadians who cast ballots in federal elections usually elect no one.”

The last federal election created an unprecedented 7,584,409 of these orphan voters.

“We invite all voters to visit OrphanVoters.ca – those who know they will be orphaned on October 14, those who fear they might, and even the minority who will cast votes that actually elect MPs, but want to learn more,” said Odenwald. “OrphanVoters.ca will be a refuge, a learning centre and, most importantly, a staging area to launch a long overdue democratic revolution.”

“But OrphanVoters.ca is not your ordinary orphanage,” said FVC Executive Director Larry Gordon. “We plan to have fun, too, with our Great Democracy Disaster Contest.”

Visitors to OrphanVoters.ca will be invited to predict how many orphan voters will be created by Election 2008 across the country, in their home provinces, and in their own ridings.

Fair Vote Canada will award $2,300 in cash prizes to those whose predictions come closest to the actual results on October 14. Visitors can review the 2006 results in their own ridings and province before making their predictions on the scale of the electoral disaster on October 14.

“While it is too late to avert this democratic disaster on October 14, we want to give fair warning to the next government,” said Gordon. “The abused, neglected and abandoned voters of this great land will no longer meekly say ‘please sir, we want some democracy’. When the new government takes office we will go to Ottawa once again to demand fair voting – and to remind whoever forms the government that they do not have a democratic mandate from the people.”

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