03 September 2008

Harper's Cadman Testimony: Contradicting himself?

This sure sounds like shady business to me:
OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper has testified that he personally authorized an offer made to late MP Chuck Cadman in 2005 for help defeating the Liberal government. In sworn testimony filed Wednesday in Ontario Superior Court, Harper said it happened after he heard Cadman was willing to side with the Tories but couldn't because of financial distress and fear of losing an election.... It was Harper's first detailed account of his role in the so-called Cadman affair and, during four hours of testimony, he offered two different versions of when he first learned about Cadman's financial troubles.

Did Harper trip over his own tongue?

Also Harper states several times his belief that reporter and BC author Tom Zytarek doctored the tape of the conversation held on September 9, 2005 between Harper and himself. Perchance this may lead to another suit, one which Mr. Zytarek initiates.

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