28 September 2008

On Political Websites, NDP Wins

As a web developer of mid-level ability and someone with an eye for, but unfortunately not the skill to implement, great design and interactive tools, I've got to applaud the NDP.

Hands down, among the websites of the five major parties the NDP website takes the prize. The Orange Room, in particular, is a great place for Dippers to collect, particularly young ones, to hash out ideas, arrange canvassing and other events and otherwise be part of the NDP campaign.

The website of the Greens is the most lacking in bells and whistles, although there was a recent improvement and refreshing of the design. What I most miss is a place to view and listen to video and audio files.

The Liberal website uses attractive, professional design, but the flash components hang on occasion. It also includes little in the way of interactive tools to involve supporters more in the campaign.

The Conservative site uses more interactive tools than the Liberal site does and more social networking links or applications. However, it uses lists too much on its pages, which demonstrates to me a lack of imagination either on the part of the designers or those who decided which layout to approve.

The Bloc have used a layout similar to a news site. Again, very little interactivity.

In general, the NDP site looks the most colourful, young and interactive; the Bloc and Conservative sites the most conventional; the Liberal site the most flashy in a muted, stylized way; and the Greens' the least navigable and engaging due to poor layout and missing elements.

I'd be interested in hearing others' opinions of the party websites.

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