08 September 2008

Exclusion of May sends Votes to Greens

The news that the media consortium has ruled against the inclusion of Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, in the televised debates has me so disgusted that I can feel my blood pressure rising.

That three of the parties didn't want May in the debates speaks volumes about their view of what 'democracy' means and the rights of voters. And since the Liberals had been open about their support for her inclusion, we know which parties they are.

The Conservatives have an excuse. No progressive expects Canada's neocons and Republicans in sheep's clothing to act honourably.

But the once-grassroots, once-principled, once pro-democracy and champion-of-voter-rights NDP hasn't a leg to stand on.

It was crass partisanship that was at play here, in all its ugliness.

If for no other reason - and there are plenty of good reasons - my vote will be staying Green this election. Had flirted with voting Liberal, but this decision and the partisanship behind the scenes has angered me to the boiling point.

It'll be Green all the way: with my vote, my volunteering and my writing.

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