03 September 2008

ENOUGH with the US Election!

I'm mighty fed up with all the talk and chatter the past couple of weeks, particularly among Canadian bloggers but also on discussion forums, about the election going on in the USA. 

We CANADIANS have our own imminent election to talk about. And the lead-up to it is proving as interesting and volatile as the election is likely to be, including Steven Harper's plan to break his own election law by calling an election one year before his own fixed election date.

Fortunately, our media hasn't been so focused on the US elections that they've ignored what's going on at home. For example, there have been numerous editorials and commentary on this latest Harper move. Almost exclusively, these have been disapproving. 

In addition, there have been the accounts of voters frustrated by the Conservatives' use of taxpayer money to kick-start their flyer campaign.

And now come the pre-election spending announcements, one after another after another after another, which are reaching into the billions in payoffs, all with the intention of buying votes, particularly in Quebec.

Then there is the pledge to open an independent investigation into the listeriosis outbreak.

(Sure, you do the right thing Harper! Cut back on spending on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, then spend more than you've saved on an "independent investigation" to cover up - oops, uncover - the facts. You know the ones: the facts which suggest that cutting the number of CFIA inspectors and making product inspection the responsibility of industry, as your government has also suggested for the airline industry, is not the way to protect Canadians.)

This is just a start on all that's going on this side of the border.

I urge my fellow bloggers to turn their attention to the home front. We need your critique and commentary!

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