04 September 2008

Electoral Reform Most Pressing Election Issue

Not the environment. Not poverty. Not the healthcare system. Not crime, gangs, or violence against women. Not abortion. Not the war in Afghanistan or the US invasion of Iraq and their imminent attack on Iran. Not the sabre rattling between the US and Russia.

No, none of these.

While no one would claim that these issues aren't important, no matter on which side a person stands, the fact of the matter is they won't get addressed by ANY party or politician. Not in any substantive, meaningful way.

Not unless something fundamental changes in our eroding democracy.

I say this as a woman and activist whose employment income is limited to below poverty levels by disability and who is passionate about peace, the environment, food and housing security, a woman's right to choose, and the development and sustainability of local economies.

The most pressing issue for the upcoming federal election and in next year's BC election and all future elections until it has been addressed is democratic and electoral reform.

Without the proportional representation of the voters' preference matched to the number of Members in Parliament and our provincial legislatures, democracy in Canada will continue to be a sham.

Without true democratic representation, issues of importance to voters, rather than issues of importance to those in power and their corporate backers, will continue to be ignored.

Recovering our democracy is the most pressing issue of our time.

Therefore, next time you nab a politician's attention - and make sure you do! -, ask this question:

Upon being elected, will you and your party take immediate steps to reform our electoral system?

For complete information about electoral reform visit FairVote Canada.

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