27 September 2008

$142.7K Federal Grant, Seven Poor Helped

Other bloggers have begun posting about the issue I wrote about here - that of recently fired Executive Director Rosamond Luke of the group All Women's Empowerment and Development Association (AWEDA), a $142,700 grant from Status of Women Canada and $84,000 of that grant allegedly having been unaccountably paid out in cash or by cheque to Luke.

In addition to having been ED of AWEDA, Luke was also until very recently a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Seven women were purportedly given financial help through that Status of Women Canada grant to AWEDA.

The organization is reported to have closed its doors after only six months. The project was to have lasted 12 months.
the two remaining members of the board, told reporters Wednesday that the association is closing because it has only $20,000 remaining from over $150,000 in grants it received this year... The association received $132,700 of a $142,700 federal grant from Status of Women Canada and about $19,000 of a $40,000 grant from the IWK Health Centre

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