06 September 2008

Coyne: Emerson retires because of nosebleed?!

Excellent post on Andrew Coyne's blog on the reasons David Emerson has given for retiring from politics - for now. Some excellent quotes straight from the horse's ass mouth.

Emerson: "I told Paul that if he stayed on as Leader that I would stay on [with the Liberals] and we’d have some fun in opposition.”

To which Coyne appropriately responds,
He would have spent his days, that is, loudly trashing the government he now defends, with as much venom as he did before he joined it. He doesn’t actually mean a word of any of it, you understand — these things he says to the voters — the enraged attacks, the pious defenses, the solemn promises and the heartfelt invocations. It’s all just “fun.”

Those Conservatives! They just can't keep their mouths shut, now can they?

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