08 September 2008

Debate Watcher No More

Earlier today, the media consortium decided to exclude Elizabeth May of the Green Party of Canada from the televised leaders' debates.

It was originally suggested that they did so at the truculent behest of three party leaders, those of the Bloc, Conservatives and NDP. However, The Canadian Press recently reported that Gilles Duceppe indicated his preference for May not to be included, not his refusal to attend if the decision went the other way.

Ergo, the blame for May's exclusion in the debates lies squarely on the manly shoulders of the cowardly duo Steven Harper and Jack Layton.

Should the decision to exclude May stand, let it be known that this political junkie and avid debate watcher will be turning her gaze toward another screen.

As it happens, the US Presidential debate between Obama and McCain will be occurring on the same evening as the Canadian English language debate.

Guess which debate I'll be watching?

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