08 September 2008

Greens Challenging in Vancouver Centre

This interesting BC news comes as a pleasant surprise:
A short item in the B.C. section of Friday's esteemed Globe and Mail observed, “The Vancouver-Centre race is shaping up to be a showdown between [Conservative Lorne] Mayencourt, incumbent Liberal Hedy Fry and New Democrat Michael Byers.”

While it might seem an obvious prediction that the Conservatives, Liberals and New Democrats, each with a well-known candidate, will be competitive in urban Vancouver, the Globe still somehow managed to get it wrong.

You see, the easily overlooked Green Party has a star candidate of its own in the riding: Adriane Carr. Carr is just about as high profile as Greens get. She is, of course, as seen on TV as the former leader of the provincial party, and is the current deputy to national leader Elizabeth May.

And get this — she's polling high.

According to Rob Hines, the Green Party's regional organizer for B.C. and the North, three recent polls have showed Carr to be in second behind the incumbent Fry.

Working the riding off-election always makes a difference. People get to know you and, if they like what they discover, they also learn to trust you.

Sounds like Carr could deliver one of the surprises of this election. Wouldn't that be fun!?

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