13 September 2008

All Parties Use a Single Lens

As this blogger notes, accusations fly constantly of the Green Party being a "one issue" party, with a focus solely on the environment.

However, this accusation unfairly deflects from the point that ALL parties look through a single lens when they pick the issues of interest to them or they evaluate issues of concern to others.

Yes, the Greens use an environmental lens through which to identify and evaluate issues. Just as the Conservatives use the lens of individual freedom; the Liberals look at everything in terms of the GDP (even when they talk "three pillars"); and the NDP assume a nanny state and base everything on need rather than strength, an outlook which focuses on what's wrong rather than what we can build on.

None of the parties always look through their single lens consistently, although they will try. For example, Conservative MP Ken Epp's Bill C-484, the "Unborn Victims of Crime Act," would challenge Canada's abortion protections and thus encroach on the individual freedom of women.

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