24 September 2008

Harper: Warm-fuzzy family man?

Harper's Conservatives say they are pro-family.

That is what they SAY. What they have DONE is to gut programs for families, sending the saved dollars to those who need it least. Murray Dobbin sums up exactly what Harper has done to dismantle social programs for families.

To highlight Harper's pro-family ideals:

1. After years of negotiation, Harper's Conservatives have dumped the universal child care proposal, tossing out $1,200 per child per year as a sop.

2. Canada's NeoCon's have given no increases in transfer payments to provinces for universities thereby placing the increased financial burden squarely on the shoulders of students seeking to better themselves.

3. Not one cent has been spent anywhere in Canada on social housing programs.

4. Conservatives have made Employment Insurances rules a rat-maze, frustrating workers requesting their own money be used to assist them while unemployed.

5. They have consistently removed, slashed and made difficult to access all social programs that Canadians say they are willing to pay for and have given tax cuts instead. Which only benefit the wealthy and corporations.

Does this sound like a government that cares about families?

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