06 September 2008

MacKay has Foot in Mouth Disease

Over on The Galloping Beaver, Alison has written a post which is so hugely important that it must spread throughout the Canadian blogosphere.

Here's the teaser:
Responding to an amazingly leading question as to whether he "thought the Taliban would target Canada's military in an attempt to influence the election outcome", Peter MacKay takes the bait.

Go visit Alison's place. Read the post in full, including the articles it links to.

The report from The Associated Press, for example, which was sent out yesterday, reinforces what progressives have been arguing all along, that Canada needs to GET OUT of Afghanistan.

Together with Alison's commentary and the links she provides, there's ample evidence that Canada's own neocons, the Harper crowd, have adopted the faulty logic used by the Bush administration and now continuing in use by the US Republican Party and John McCain. That is, "If we don't fight them over there, they'll fight us over here."

Of course the reverse is the case and is basic Psychology 101: They'll fight us over here if we fight them over there.

Wouldn't YOU fight back if foreigners invaded your country, your home and your privacy?

Peter MacKay's comments reveal further that the Harpercrits see potential FINANCIAL GAIN in Canada's continued military presence in Afghanistan. For example:

"[Canada's military presence in Afghanistan] does come at a huge sacrifice," Mr. MacKay said. "The human cost is enormous but the benefits that flow to our country, certainly to Afghanistan and to our allies, are huge."

Those benefits are OIL and the expansion of the military industrial complex.

Go visit The Galloping Beaver and read Alison's post in full.

Then spread the word.

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