23 September 2008

"Anonymous" Liberal Apparatchik is Offended

We must be doing something right over here! You know, challenging the commonplace.

According to "Anonymous" - who submitted his comment using a server at the Royal Military College - my post about Liberal female candidates was "possibly ... the stupidest post of all time."

Then he/she goes on to defend the fact, which my post acknowledged, that the Liberals have nominated "more women in more ridings than anyone."

"They made a commitment," Anonymous goes on to wail. "They kept their commitment."

Yes, they did. And that was easy enough to do considering that the bulk of the ridings in question are unwinnable by Liberals.

Anonymous queried, "What possible grounds do you use for determining 'winnable ridings'?"

Apparently, he/she didn't check the LINK I provided in my post. It referenced a source which the Liberal Party is happy enough to cite when the statistics are more in its favour.

Which they are not in this case.

Look at the regional breakdown. Liberals have heavily weighted their female representation in Harper country, out West (says this embarrassed British Columbian). For example, 50% of their candidates in Alberta are women and women represent 44% of their candidates in BC.

The comment by Anonymous, incidentally, has been removed. Per the Comments Policy stated on this blog. But I've saved a copy, including the server info, for posterity.

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